IGTV: What is it? Why should you use it? and How to create your channel on the new platform

Instagram TV (IGTV) was recently made available as of last week to all of its users! IGTV is a video space where Instagram users can now create and share videos that are longer than the current max of one minute for posts, and 15 seconds for Stories (equivalent of "Snaps" on "Snapchat").

This is a huge deal for creators, brands and businesses, because it allows users to go beyond their surface talk! IGTV allows you to become more in depth and have the ability to elaborate on your topic!

Another cool feature that is available with IGTV is that you can send the links to your IGTV unlike stories on your Instagram, and to top it off add the link to your stories on Insta!

What the heck does that mean?

Well it means that you can do a "teaser style" story on your Instagram introducing your videos unlike Snapchat, Youtube, Vimeo, and Vine, all in the same space! You can also use this feature to increase visibility to your videos on IGTV channel for unlimited number of times you post a fun story! IGTV is a hybrid of all. And one thing I personally love about IGTV is the fact that I won't have to remember to film my videos horizontally.

Since IGTV is catering to mobile users, the video format that works best on the video space is the way you would normally hold your mobile device; vertically.

So, why should you get on the video space right away?

One of the main reason for this is the huge potential this space brings! We have all seen first wave of Youtube Creators gain most of the traction early on, and grown to become recognizable "Youtubers", not sure what the IGTV creators would be called, but Instubers?! is my best guess.

But in all seriousness if you didn't catch on to the initial waves on Youtube, Musigly, or Vine (RIP), then this is your chance! Your redemption.

Instagram is the best platform for engagement with users, especially for B2C model businesses, but B2B businesses shouldn't shy away from the platform either. Because Instagram is continuously evolving, and incorporating different function and features.

Some very awesome features include: Shopping cart where users can purchase by clicking on your item photo, automated analytics (you can see what's going on with your business insta) with minimum to no effort, growing marketshare -incorporating story feature like Snaps on Snapchat, has gained itself growing number of users and it continues to grow every day! and to top it off! IGTV! just wow!!!!!

If you already have an Instagram account, you should now focus on creating a IGTV channel today while it's super "fresh" or new. So here is how you can create your channel on IG TV.

Assuming you have created an Instagram Account, go to your home feed where you see all the posts from people you are following like friends, family, celebrities, and inspiring quotes -shhh .

Once you are on your home feed, click on the TV icon at the top right beside the arrow. This will lead you to IGTV interface and here you want to click on the GEAR icon which prompts "Create Channel". Click on this, and following "Create channel" , click on next three times after "reading" the pop up. And BAM! you are now a Instatuber! :p

Now that you have your channel let's upload your first ever video on your Instagram Chanel!

How exciting! Alright, so here is what you want to do: Go to your channel on the IGTV interface by clicking on your display image in the mid section to the right. Click on the + sign , the addition sign is the upload button, it is tiny but click on that and you can directly upload a video from your phone library!

Once you decide on the video you want to upload, write a title and description about the video! Always ALWAYS fill up the description, technology is awesome and all but they haven't figured out a way to read a image or video on the social media platforms without the text. The text you type into your product description, meta description on website, and your social media are a great way to find your content!

Give yourself the head start!

IGTV: What, Why, and How to get started ;P by Social Sherpa

Thank you for reading :)

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