Facebook Updates for 2018 and what this REALLY means for small businesses!

On Jan 11th, Zuckerberg released the direction that Facebook is heading towards starting with major changes to your facebook feed in the next couple of months in 2018. And guess what?

Every body FREAKED Out! But What does it actually mean for small businesses?

Meaningful Social Interaction

One, The changes are being made to invest in Meaningful social interaction between friends, family and community groups. That means increasing # of  posts from users friend’s, family, and your community groups, posts that are more likely to result in quote on quote “meaningful social interaction”. It  means businesses need to put their effort towards building your audience at grassroot level.

This is a  great news for small business owner because your community is build around micro-ecosystem of organic local audience. Do you really want to compete against celebrity and big corporations?

NEXT  Visibility :

The second key point from Zukerbergs statement is  that as the first changes roll out, we are going to see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. This doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world for small businesses!

You will be on the advantage playing field if you do two things:

a) Create a bond with your local audience on your page so your business page becomes relevant in your local area search

B) Adapt early! The changes to the Feed is just one thing, there are several changes to follow. One way to deflate from this is to build a loyal following and collect your own user data base.

Finally ...


Put more effort into creating valuable content that induce engagement. Facebook specifically wants content that is going to start conversation and interaction between users on the platform

And it rewards those who do! Try asking questions, or for feedback from your audience.

Facebook objective is not to slash all businesses, media and brands out. They wouldn’t be able to survive otherwise. Optimize content for  your audience, so they are conversing around your content with one another.

One suggestion:

Zukerberg encourages people towards using live video because he states “We've seen people interact way more around live videos than regular ones passive experience”

That’s my thoughts and input on Facebook Update for 2018 and what it means for your business!

Facebook releases changes every year to their feed. Like I said, don’t get caught up in the over the top reaction to these news. These updates are made in response to feedback from masses, if you want users to stick around these changes are going to not only help them, it is going to help all, especially local small business owners.

With updates, the best practices for business on Facebook will become more transparent. More intuitive, more optimize content means, best practices will not just be based on your pocket! Ad spent! And creating “viral” content that actually promotes passive experience on the user end.

On multiple occasions I have problems searching for groups, people, companies, topic etc. The algo changes, and updates are a move towards a better connection, not just between user and their network but also with relevant local businesses and brands.