5 Tips for Successful Content Marketing

Creating relevant, and useful content is a value driven form of marketing that serves your target audience. It always starts with understanding your business well, and the people it serves. Assuming you are clear on your business values, branding and message, we crafted 5 tips for successful content marketing for your business.

Here are the 5 tips for successful content marketing for your business:

1. Understand your objectives: What are you trying to achieve with content marketing for your business. Are you looking to promote the uniqueness of your business, like mission statement, position yourself as an expert in your industry, simply improve your search result, or educate your audience on new line of product/services? Depending on your business objectives, create content that align and contribute towards achieving them. When you know your end goal, you can carefully allocate resources and efforts towards the steps to getting there.

2.Know your audience: Put yourself in your audience's shoe. That means you need to know who you are trying to target the message to. Who is consuming these content that you will be producing or are producing. If you can clearly picture your audience, then you can craft message tailored to them on relevant channels.

For instance, if you are a portrait photographer targeting corporate clients, Linkedin may be the place where you can start curating content that will reach them.

3. Experiment: Use different types of visual, and written content. You can also play around with tone for your blog, caption, and videos to figure out what works best for your audience and what feels natural to you. Try sharing your content at different times of the day. As a small business, you can take more risks online, and learn from them to continuously improve and curate better content for your customer.

4.The Share Factor : Always choose quality over quantity. Create content that your audience will find valuable so that it is more likely to be shared and draw them back!

5.Repeat, reuse, and repurpose your content: In order to capitalize on your efforts, you can repeat, reuse, repurpose your published content in different forms on different channels to get maximum exposure.

For instance, if you have created a video like this one, you can  repurpose the script towards creating a blog article for your website, or reuse clips highlighting key points on other social media platforms. 

Be clear on your messaging and follow these 5 tips for successful content marketing for your business!