Note  from the Founder

Nyima Gyalmo Sherpa,

Digital Guide| Advertiser

Hey there! 

Thank you for stopping by, my name is Nyima. I am the founder of Social Sherpa. My family is originally from Nepal and my dad is actually a Sherpa. 

Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by passionate enterprising spirits. My dad made his living guiding tourists up to the mountain and terrains in Nepal, and my mom sold scarfs on street festivals. One could say, entrepreneurship has been hereditary for me.


In addition to being surrounded by entrepreneurship, I am also blessed with the opportunity to study at University of Toronto, and pick up digital marketing skills through practice by helping my family, friends get started online. 

As of 2019, we have helped 100 local businesses connect with their customers We greatly value two pillars at Social Sherpa: Education & Execution.



Nyima G. Sherpa 

Sudesh is our visual superstar! At Social Sherpa, Sudesh works closely with the multimedia editor and advertiser to bring the client's vision into life. He also loves to travel and also vlogs on Youtube. 

Sudesh Kumar 

Visual Creative 

Lissa is a Digital Consultant at Social Sherpa! Lissa is passionate about marketing and works with clients to bring their vision and goals to reality with digital solutions at Social Sherpa. 

She is also a VR/AR Developer and leads the Developer Circle team in Toronto. 

Lissa Ng

Digital Consultant ​