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Our dedicated digital guides have helped small and big businesses with successful advertising campaigns, video marketing, and success in social media.

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"Working with Social Sherpa was a great experience. They are excellent at digital media marketing and they actively came out to check in regularly to ensure that we were on track with our business communications including strategic mail marketing, B2B Content Marketing and Creative Video Content!"

Matthew Corney

CEO, SFI Food Group 

Food & Beverage Distributor

"... positive, reliable with expertise in marketing. They did a great job with our tech outreach and really helped us out. I would definitely recommend!

Marie Ferns, 

Co-founder of Vama Innovation

Tech Startup | Successful Kickstarter Crowdfunding 2018

Work with Us! 

 Dedicated digital guide for your organization.

We create a unique digital roadmap to match your objectives and reach your online community. We specialize in getting your word out; from brand messaging, online community building, advertising to finding digital tools and processes to amplify your message with the right people, you can rely on the Digital Guide -Social Sherpa.


Our Process

Three simple steps to getting started!

Step 1. Tell us about yourself here  

Step 2. Free consultation to go over your objectives

Step 3. Unique digital roadmap for your organization

digital roadmap

Having trouble connecting the dots between digital marketing and your business? Not sure where to start.  You are not alone.


There are endless number of activities -email marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, UX/UI, CRM, GA, GSC, content marketing...- within digital marketing. It can all be daunting. In fact, you may have already started your journey and find the whole thing confusing and unfruitful. 

Don't be alarmed, here is a secret: it's not you, it's the industry. There is so much information out there about general digital marketing, but nothing on what is going to work for your business. And how to maximize your efforts to hone into channels and activities that work best for your business.

In three simple steps: audit, data analysis, we develop a digital roadmap that clearly outlines digital activities to match your business objectives and growth. 


Online Advertising

Our advertising campaigns are completely based on the # of qualified leads we bring to your business. Whether you are spending $150 or $15,000 we make sure every cent we spend on your behalf counts for ROI that makes sense to you -sales, not impressions, not likes, but in real $ ROI. 


How many of your social media followers are your actual paying customers?

According to Top brands, in presence of social media advertising campaigns along with social media activities,  30-40% of their total social following online buy their products, reach new customer, and retain 50% of the buyers from the campaign as life time customers (50% LTV). 

It's not enough to just be online, you need to reach and connect with your customers..


If you aren’t sure where to start, Opt in for our minimal ad scheme at just $150 to get your foot in the door.


Social Media Marketing

Are your efforts on social media planned? Are you measuring these efforts! 

The only question every business should be asking is: 

How many of your followers are warming up to your business and converting into loyal customer?


Social media use for business is completely different from personal vanity use. Don’t run your business like a 16 year old, elevate it with experienced social media professional who understand social media as much as they understand how to run a scalable business




Video Marketing

Yes, storytelling is powerful! But you still need to reach an audience to hear your audience. At Social Sherpa, we offer a comprehensive video marketing for your business. Let us help you clarify your story, build a distribution plan, and measure the impact. 


Get the full video marketing service!